Acro Champions League: Day 1

© Isabel Silva

© Isabel Silva


The machine is back!

If you want to see an acrobatic gymnastics competition done and treated like it’s worth a million dollars then you come to Maia, you can trust Acro Clube’s organisational “machine” to pull it off. The attention to detail was shown in the team introductions done by Tiago Maia followed by a short video of the corresponding town on the big display, resembling what is done at Eurovision Song Contest, but a good time filler nonetheless. The high quality orange background, K’n’C interviews by Joana Patrocínio, and even the training music (Mamonas Assassinas anyone?) were all nice details that created a great atmosphere.

With a meagre attendance typical of a first edition, the first day of competition proved that the format’s departure from a traditional acro competition brings a breath of fresh air that was much needed. The mixture of age groups and partnership types throughout the competition gives it a nice variety which is less tiring for those watching.

Matching the predictions Kind Edmund(GBR) is in first place, followed by Rafkis Saint Petersburg(RUS) and Gimnofrielas(POR), the host club only presented two routines, the highest scoring one of the day by the Women’s group of Bárbara Sequeira, Francisca Maia and Francisca Sampaio Maia, with 28.160, and a much wobblier one by Beatriz Carneiro and Bruna Gonçalves.

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