Acro Champions League: Final Day


The brave pioneers

That’s what the ten teams that participated in the first acro Champions League were, they weren’t afraid to try something new and to have their partnerships tested at a time of the year when the routines are still fresh and somewhat raw.

Contradicting the predictions, Rafkis Saint Petersburg (RUS) won the big League by only 0.200, pushing down King Edmund (GBR). Acro Clube da Maia (POR) climbed to third place with performances from their new senior women’s pairs, both composed of fragments of the World Age Groups 13-19 winning trio. Gimnofrielas (POR) was bumped to fifth place. It was also interesting to see Javier Martinez and Jorge Navarro of Dinamic working together again now that Jorge has grown considerably and been a base himself.

In the Youth League, Artgym (BEL) maintained its leadership over ACM.

For those of you who don’t know, King Edmund’s gymnasts were being followed by a tv crew as they appear on the CBBC show Gym Stars. The show focuses on the lives of gymnasts (all kinds) in the Bristol/Bath region. Acrobatic Gymnastics may or may not have been the crew’s favourite to watch.

During the competition, requests came in for a live feed and interviews with the organisers but above that the acro fans out there showed great interest in this first edition of the Acro Champions League, which is a great indicator that they are expecting more from their sport and hoping for more opportunities to stay interested in it. I’m looking forward to the second edition of the League next year, hope you are too!

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