British Championships - Acrobatic Gymnastics Best and Worst awards


The British Championships Series took place in Liverpool from July 25th to 28th, it included Acrobatic Gymnastics, Aerobics and TeamGym. I had the privilege of attending once again, I’ll have a lot to say about the event as a whole and how it can be a good example in the acro community but for now I’ll leave you with my list of best and worst.

Bull’s eye win

Local girls Niamh McCartan and Elizabeth Hodgson did it. Situated just across the river from the arena, their club, Birkenhead Gymnastics, took one partnership to the competition, and they won women’s pair’s 11-16!


Most surprising win

Ruby Riekstins, Annabel Meadows and Lola Ernstzen from Richmond won the 13-19 women’s group category, due in part to the fail of Heathrow’s WG, the night before their parents were hopeful but didn’t think Heathrow could be beaten, goes to show that in sport anything can happen. Is it the first ever win performing to a RuPaul song?


Most surprising fail

The most surprising fail came from Heathrow’s 13-19 Women’s group Molly Berry, Trudie Roper, Sumaiya Hines, who dropped to fifth in finals.

The “smoked the competition” award

You know when someone wins by a really high margin? In this case the award goes to Joe Hill and Cheri-May Cunningham who won by a margin of 2.200 over Tigers Hector Kinghorn and Bea Henderson in 12-18 Mixed Pairs. There was a larger point difference in 12-18 men’s pairs, however Ethan and Archie had deductions, I think this award should go to a category where everyone performed up to their standard, not to mention that Joe and Cheri scored over 28, 28.700 to be precise.


The first but not really award
In 13-19 Women’s Pairs both Olivia Procter and Evie Hancox of Wakefield, and Dove Wills and Nyree Williams of King Edmund achieved the final score of 28.050, placements had to be decided on tie-breaker rules.


Best fight for the title

Senior Men’s Pairs. Qualification didn’t start well for Charlie Tate and Adam Upcott, who hadn’t competed yet this year due to Adam’s knee injury,  with a big hiccup in the first element of their balance routine they were left second in qualifications even after a much better performance in the dynamic routine. Charlie and Adam performed first in finals, a boosted version of their Black Betty, and achieved a score of 28.180. Realistically the odds of beating that weren’t very high for Jamie Jeffery and Aidan Lim, they have yet to achieve such a high score, but that didn’t deter them from pouring it all out in their combined routine performance, with an intensity at the level of Revaz Gurgenidze. They may not have achieved gold but they can be proud of themselves.


Most unpleasant trend

Obvious choreography, meaning, when you have lyrics in your routine and you stick too much to them. “I see a red door and I want it painted black” doesn’t require mimicking a door frame…

Most unusual routine

I’d give this one to the combined of Spelthorne’s Kieran Holbrook, Max Crawford, Andrew Morris-Hunt, Cameron Patrick-Lothian to Queen choreographed by Ellie Cooper. It’s not the usual routine you see in a Men’s group but it worked really well. It was a shame they had a small problem in one of the catches.


Most polished club outside of London

I suppose this is the fairest way to put it. We are used to a certain level from Heathrow, Richmond or Spelthorne, it’s unlikely they’ll suddenly turn up at competitions with bad leotards and choreographies.

Beth Miller has been doing a great job at Wakefield, I feel tempted to give it to them.

Best range of expressions in a male gymnast
There aren’t many men in acrobatic gymnastics, we know that, and they tend to become less expressive as they get older.
Rhys Cowler has been away from mixed pairs for a while, a failed men’s group attempt later, we find him back performing with Mollie Jaggers and he definitely has the best range of expressions.

Isabel Silva