Bang Bang


Music: Bang Bang by Nico Vega

Performers: Lewis Walker and Kitty Williams

Choreographer: Robert Tregoning

Year: 2017

Sport : Acrobatic Gymnastics

Whether you know the music “Bang Bang” from the “Kill Bill” soundtrack or because you are a Nancy Sinatra fan, Lewis Walker and Kitty Williams’s routine to this piece is bound to make an impression on you. 


“Bang bang was a conceptual piece based on an abusive relationship where the man ends up leaving his partner. […] She manifests the hollow feeling inside and compares this to being shot down.” explains Lewis. The routine was created by Robert Tregoning and first introduced to the public at the World Games, its intricate choreography, which stayed true to the lyrics of the song (referencing guns and shooting), drew us in and even gave Kitty a coat of maturity that her small size wouldn’t normally allow. Lewis mentions that even though some of their moves were quite literal to the lyrics, he thinks of the song as a metaphor to the ups and downs of an abusive relationship “a metaphor for the feeling when the man leaves the woman” and is in fact fond of performing dramatic pieces that draw out a lot of emotion, for which reason he wasn’t worried about the potential awkwardness that could arise from the different levels of maturity he and Kitty had. “Having to compete against Georgy and Marina or the Belarusian pairs, who are all adults and have mature presentation, we had to up our game and do something that would be comparable to their level of maturity. Kitty was small but she was a sixteen year old woman by then.”

Being a natural born performer Lewis wasn’t upset with premiering the routine in a big competition. He had been injured earlier in the year which gave them time to change their first combined (used at the Vegas Cup) and make better use of Robert’s creative process. “I had a great time performing this routine by Robert Tregoning. The concept allowed me to loose myself in character and take on a role while performing. His choreography, music selection and concept I adore, and am very grateful to have performed his work. “



European Championships 2017

Rzeszow, Poland

World Games 2017

Wroclaw, Poland