The Beautiful People


Music: The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson

Performers: Sasha Carpenter & Poppy Yates

Choreographer: Ellie Cooper

Year: 2018

Sport: Acrobatic Gymnastics


The Origin… by Ellie Cooper

When I found this piece of music, the whole team I work with, Adam Mcassey, Keri Llewellyn, Bob and Alison Cooper, were a little shocked and totally unsure about it. The main fact they stated was that it was too heavy for a mens pair let alone a women's pair!!! But I was pretty adamant I wanted to at least try, and once it was done the coaches were convinced but the parents not so much! Sasha's dad, whom I get a long with very well, absolutley hated it, which I was worried about, but grew to love it when they started winning medals with it hahaha!! The best thing for me was that Sasha and Poppy loved the music from the beginning which really inspired me to try something different! We like to try new original things at Spelthorne so there are many more to come!


Fun Fact

It took Ellie about 2 hours to find the right neck crack sound effect at the beginning of the routine because the original was too quiet! Every one they tried before the final one sounded very odd and made them giggle for a while!




World Age Group Competitions 2018

Lotto Arena, Antwerp, Belgium



Maia International Acro Competition 2018

Complexo Municipal de Ginástica, Maia, Portugal