What is it?

Well, it’s a website. And it is about sports. Where’s the difference then?

SportFolio is a place of conservation, conservation of memories, of information and of media items. Sports have the ability to bond us, whether we are athletes, coaches or mere fans, we share memories related to events and people, we’ve rooted together, shouted at the tv and turned on the computer first thing in the morning to find out the results of some obscure competition across the globe, so why should we loose the ability to refresh those memories or build new ones? As wide and varied as the world web is, there is a considerable lack of structured information about the non mainstream sports, several projects have sprouted but are unable to grow past the devout fan who starts them and is faced with lack of time or money to carry on with it, and that is the gap that SportFolio intends to fill.

What’s in a name?

SportFolio is a contraction of the words “sport” and “portfolio”, it’s the place where you can showcase what you do/did, what you think/thought, where you’ve been. It’s the name where your name can be more than just that.

What does it cover?

For the time being it covers figure skating and gymnastics, but it can expand to any other individual judged sport and some day maybe more.

What it won’t cover

Football of any kind, motor sports and other sports that are already heavily covered. It doesn’t mean we won’t mention them, it just means that we don’t intend to drown everything else yet again n football.

In a nutshell, SportFolio:

- Aims at being a self-sustainable website that collects content ethically and is equally available to showcase sports people anywhere in the world, past or present.