Turin Acro Cup 2019

Photo Service

Official Photographer: Isabel Silva

What will be photographed?
Partnerships who book before the competition are guaranteed a full photo reportage of their performances. Partnerships that don’t book will have less photos taken.
Portraits will also be taken during the training sessions.

Payment - at the arena
Expected number of photos per partnership 15-30.

Price (see also the club offer):
Youth – 40 Euro per exercise
Age Group 1 – 50 Euro per exercise
Age Group 2, Junior and Senior – 60 Euro per exercise

Deadline for booking, until 11pm of the day before the exercise. Check above to see what will be photographed.

Photos are sent to you by wetransfer.com. Deliveries start July 17th.

Club Offer

If 5 or more partnerships from the same club book all their qualification exercises they will receive souvenir photo strips of each routine(5x20cm) containing three mini-photos and the logo of the competition, plus a USB stick with all the photos from the exercises purchased (one USB stick per club). These will be sent to the club by mail.
Each gymnast booked will receive a photo strip per routine bought.
Clubs that don’t have 5 partnerships in competition but still book all those partnerships will have a 10% discount.

Partnerships who book can purchase their finals exercise later, the offer or discount will extend to that as well.
Photo strips can also be purchased separately.


By filling and sending the form below you are giving consent to have photos of your children taken by Isabel Silva at Turin Acro Cup 2019, and guarantee us that all the parents of the gymnasts performing in partnership with your child have knowledge of this consent, agree with it and extend their consent to their own children.

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